Lab Disposables


Guangzhou JET BIO-FILtration, founded in 2001,
is a well-known Chinese company involving R&D,
manufacturing and sales of laboratory consumable
products. JET BIOFIL has distributors in more than
50 countries around the world, including America,
Japan, Canada, Germany, Australia and Korea.

JET BIOFIL’s main products include medical
devices for IVD use & laboratory disposables
(pipettes, tissue culture products, centrifuge
tubes, filtration products etc.). All medical
devices are CE certified and production is carried
out under ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified quality
management systems. All JET BIOFIL products
are manufactured with 100% USP VI crystal class
virgin polystyrene (GPPS) and equal high quality
polyethylene (PE).

About Fresco Farma – Medstone

Medstone, a Dutch pharmaceutical company founded by pharmacists, is specialised in scientific advice to pharmacists, doctors and medical
researchers. Medstone’s pharmaceutical wholesaler Fresco Farma operates in the field of international sourcing and distribution of a wide range of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Fresco Farma operates in accordance with the required pharmaceutical standards for distribution of medicines. That’s why the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) standard is also being applied to all non-medicines businesses, ensuring the same level of quality and integrity of all products we supply.

Supporting healthcare institutions, governmental bodies, pharmacies and corporates to get quick access to specific medicines, medical devices and scientific data is our drive every day. Since last year
Fresco Farma has been sourcing various laboratory disposables manufactured by JET BIOFIL. As an assigned distributor, we are ready to assist laboratories across Europe to meet both their short and longer term supply needs!

Minimale bestelwaarde: € 100

Verzendkosten: € 7,40 (excl. BTW) bij bestelling tot € 200 (excl. BTW)

Gratis vanaf € 200 (excl. BTW)

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